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Available kittens

Sheila has moved south to Alabama and has retired from breeding. Currently there are no kittens.

Pat has retired from breeding and relocated to California.

How we raised our kittens

As breeders of Abyssinians and Somalis, we are concerned about producing healthy kittens with the best possible temperaments. Of course, we are also hoping for beautiful kittens that will grow up to be as close as possible to the show standards, but health and temperament are always our primary concerns.
Mike & kittens An evening watching TV with the kittens

Our kittens were usually born in our bedroom and remained there until they receive their first vaccinations at about six or seven weeks of age. After their first vaccinations, the kittens were allowed to join the rest of the household. There they get used to all the usual household commotion, like vacuum cleaners, doorbells, telephones, adult cats other than mother, and visiting humans fussing over them. They spent lots of time in our laps and in active play. After receiving their second vaccinations and their immune systems are beginning to strengthen, no earlier than 12 weeks, most kittens are ready to go to their new homes. We did not allow kittens to leave without their reaching a certain level of socialization, so they were ready for a strong start in a new home. This is what you should look for in how a kitten is raised.

Prices usually vary according to the color and the quality of kitten, but in general, prices start around $1000.

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