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This section of our website contains information about Abyroad cattery:

  • History - how Abyroad Cattery came to be

History, and such ...

Abyroad cattery was started by Sheila Dentico in 1984. The plan was to breed and show Abyssinians in the colors accepted for Championship competition in TICA and CFA: Ruddy, Cinnamon/Sorrel/Red, Blue and Fawn. Especially Blue.

In 1992, Sheila met Pat Price at a cat show and eventually Pat became a partner in the cattery as well as becoming a close friend.

In 1993, we met an English import Cinnamon (Sorrel) Silver Somali, Mycene Crystal Blossom, and her litter, and were enchanted by the Silver color. We each acquired one of the kittens from this litter. Disappointingly, neither girl was successfully bred. However, a breeding was done with mother Crystal and my blue stud Aby and two Silver kittens were kept from this litter. And so began our adventure into Silvers.

Both Sheila and Pat have retired from breeding and moved.

We usually bred only one or two litters at a time, in order to give the kittens lots of attention and time in our laps. The colors depend entirely on the parents and their genetics. We can have Ruddy, Cinnamon (Sorrel/Red), Blue and Fawn, as well as Silver, Cinnamon (Sorrel/Red) Silver, Blue Silver and Fawn Silver. Sometimes we had Somali kittens, usually in the Silver colors.

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